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Elusive One went down pretty quickly after I had set it up. So, posting this again (along with 7 NEW WALLPAPERS), just because editing the links is easier.

I've organized Elusive One a bit. I also found a normal version of that '07 Winter Holidays of Dan/Blair ("Gossip Girl"). Also, I found a Robert/Kristen ("Twilight") wallpaper that I made but never finished, so posting it as is.


Edward, Bella & James: For reasons unexplained | Robert/Kristen

Brothers & Sisters

Justin & Rebecca: You belong to me

Gossip Girl

Dan & Blair: End game perfection | Dan & Blair: Unintended | Nate & Jenny: Wishful thinking


Cappie & Casey: When everything seems wrong

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Stabler & Benson: With you

Prison Break

Michael Scofield

Some new icons as well...

Roswell + Twilight: a Crossover teaser trailer

Collapse )

I quickly made a "Roswell/Twilight" crossover teaser trailer. It's one of those featuring audio from the original "Twilight" teaser and frames from "Roswell." Check it out when you guys get the chance. I guess "Roswell" fans might be more interested, but I made it because of the obvious reason.

Edward & Bella... in bed

So, Lin and I had a conversation a month ago or something about her EB bed manips. She made some comments and I wanted to prove her wrong and there was also a bet and all that jazz. Anyhoo, finally made RobKris in bed manip/wallpaper, not because of the convo that happened last month, just decided to finally make em. Um, try not to LOL much. Heh.


I've been having issues with my gallery, so I've made it that you have to register to check it out. So, if you're not registered or don't feel like it:
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